• Mary Kerwin

Kalino Finds the Music...

and so can you!

One of my favorite songs in Kalino Finds the Music is RUEDA RUEDA. This song has such a great, driving beat and it might make you and your LO want to move FAST! But it is also fun to slow down and ROLL your hips, your shoulders, your hands! Babies and toddlers love things that roll, spin, and twirl! Wheels, balls, cars, trucks, spinning tops, etc! You can get up and dance, roll your body parts, spin like a top yourself, or bounce like a ball!

OR you might want to sit and actually get out a ball or push a car or spin a toy to the driving beat! Watch out for a few “Stops” and “freezes”! See if you and your child can catch those rhythmic moments and play with them, too!

Fast or slow, it's hard to sing and dance to Rueda, Rueda and not have your spirits lifted!


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